The Scout Section has existed since Scouting began in 1907. Though the Section has gone through many changes its values and fundamental principles have remained unchanged. Scouts is open to young people aged between ten and half and fourteen years old who want to join and can make the Scout Promise. Scouting differs from many organisations in that it requires its Members to make a Promise. The Scout Promise is the same for Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Members of the Scout Network and adult Members of the Association. It is:

  • On my honour,
  • I promise that I will do my best
  • to do my duty to God and to The King,
  • to help other people
  • and to keep the Scout Law.

Different wordings of the promise are available for those of different faiths who may prefer not to use the word “God” and for those with special needs and circumstances. By making the Promise a young person becomes a Member of the worldwide Movement; they become a Scout. Scouts wear a teal coloured shirt. They will also wear a scarf (sometimes called a “necker”), the colour of which varies from Scout Group to Scout Group. They will also have a leather woggle, to keep their scarf up. Activity trousers and a Scout belt are also parts of the Scout uniform and there are several optional items available as well. P1010861

What do Scouts do? Scouts normally meet once a week for an hour or two. It is an opportunity for them to catch up with friends, learn new skills and explore issues relevant to their age group. They will also have their chance to say what they want to do! Typical activities include:

  • Activities Outdoors
  • Games
  • Design and Creativity
  • Visits and Visitors
  • Service
  • Team-Building Activities
  • Activities with Others
  • Themes
  • Prayer, Worship and Reflection

Technology and New SkillsBadges and Awards While the emphasis is on a Balanced Programme of activities, there are still badges and awards for Scouts to aim for. Badges and awards are given in recognition of the effort made by each young person at their own level. Scouts have the opportunity to make more and more decisions for themselves about they want to do and want to get out of Scouting. The opportunities will be there for them to take part in a wide range of activities and to gain a variety of skills and knowledge. They will get to learn more about themselves by not only taking responsibility for themselves, but for others as well. P1070054

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